Minecraft Addons


We are adding and updating Minecraft addons, including mods, maps and resource packs regularly on our website. Updates are announced and documented in our news section. If you are interested to get your file hosted, feel free to contact us. We are also going to release a submit feature soon.

All of our files are updated to the latest version. If you come across obsolete Minecraft addons please contact us. We will update it as fast as possible.

The latest version of Minecraft is 1.11.2 and can be downloaded on the official Minecraft website.

Minecraft mods

Minecraft Mods will change the game experience in different ways. While some will only fix bugs or add little details, others have huge features and major changes of the game.

Like always it is not recommended to install too many mods at once. It might crash up your game. If you like to play with many mods, check out the mod packs. Every mod within such a pack will be compatible with each other. This way you make sure that it will cause no harm.

Minecraft maps

Looking for a great adventure map to explore? Or do you like challenges, maybe with friends? We will add as many awesome maps as possible to our library.

You have made a map by your own and want it to distribute it to the web? Contact us and we may feature your map.

Minecraft resource packs

There are many resource packs out there. Some of them are pretty awesome, while others are not so good. No matter if you like a Ultra HD texture pack, or just a simple one – we will provide you with the best resource packs out there.

If you like realistic and awesome graphics, you should consider to install Minecraft shaders additionally. They can be downloaded from the official Shaders Mod website.